Nexcare Coupon & Possible Rebate

Here is a coupon for$1 off any Nexcare Product. This is a pdf coupon, so you can print more than once. However, please be responsible with your printing and don’t print a ton of them (for example, a typical coupon will only print twice per computer, so that’s a good rule of thumb)!

I have heard that Walmart might have some of the Nexcare products for around $1. You could try to pick them up there.

Also – I have noticed several Walgreens having mail-in rebate forms attached to the bandages (see the picture above)! I picked up a pack the other day. The price was $3.49, I used a $.75 coupon, and I’ll get a rebate for $3.49 – $.74 money-maker.

If you use 2 of these coupons, it would be a $2 money-maker!

One thing about the rebate – you have to buy 3 different types of bandages – you can’t purchase 3 of the same type and get a rebate. Details are on the box!

Thanks, Living Rich with Coupons!


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