FREE Chi-Chi's Salsa

UPDATE REGARDING KROGER – this might be a regional deal. Check with your store!

We are running low on salsa right now and I’m always keeping an eye out for a deal.

I noticed that Kroger is having a 4-day sale, May 25-28, and the Chi-Chi’s brand of salsa will be $.88.

Meijer has the salsa on sale right now for $.99.

Use the coupon from the 5/15 Smartsource insert – $.50/1, and if your store doubles, then FREE!!

Salsa is great to keep on hand – you can use it as a dip, when making burritos or other mexican food, using it in soup – and more!


2 thoughts on “FREE Chi-Chi's Salsa

  1. I cannot find anywhere that Kroger is having a 4 day sale with this salsa on sale. Could you please tell me where you seen this??

    1. This was on the back page of my local Kroger ad. It could be regional. You might want to check with your local store to see if it’s on sale. Not long ago, I heard about a Kroger in another state having a 4-day sale. My store didn’t have an advertisement, but the items were on sale. Hope this helps!

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