Free Sample Kind of Day!

Hi All! It’s been a crazy day around here. I worked today and then headed off to the National Archery Tournament for my son. Because of these things, I didn’t get to do a lot of posting today!

One thing that I did notice – Facebook had all kinds of goodies today! Tide, Swiffer, Clairol & Suave all had giveaways – some of them full sized and some of them samples!

In my mail, I got a free sample of cereal from Vocalpoint. If you haven’t signed up with them, I would strongly recommend it. I get emails periodically and lots of free samples! AND, when they send the free samples, there are often some EXCELLENT coupons included!

Finally, a company sent me an item today that I will be reviewing and having a giveaway for sometime next week!

Did you get any of the Facebook goodies today? What about items showing up in your mailbox? Let me know!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!!



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