Just Imagine!

Last night I posted about my most recent trip to Kroger.  I forgot to mention that I am donating the 24 boxes of pasta to the Postal Food Drive.

I got these items free by using coupons – coupons that I printed off the internet. I was able to donate a total of 36 boxes of pasta that I got for FREE (I was able to print from 3 different computers). My only cost was the ink/paper for printing & my time going to get them. (I would have gotten the Quick Cook noodles, but my Kroger doesn’t carry them.)

Just imagine . . .

  • What if 5 people who read this post print the coupons (twice)  – they would be able to donate 12 boxes of pasta each. That’s 60 boxes of pasta going to help out those in need!
  • What about 10 people? 120 boxes of pasta!!!!
  • Let’s think big – 100 people!! 1200 boxes of pasta going to food pantries!!!

It gives me chills to think about what we can do – just by printing a couple of coupons!!

Join me, will you??


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