Reader's Shopping Trip

One of my readers, Patty W, just posted the following over on Facebook:

I just have to post about my Kroger shopping deal I just got. I got free Kool-Aid and Country Time drink mix (32 ounce pre-sweetened mix). The Kraft BBQ sauce that is on sale this week had a $2.00 coupon attached to the Honey BBQ bottles (when you buy two bottles of Kraft BBQ…you get $2.00 off the canister of drink mix). So, with the canisters of Kool-aid and Country Time being on sale this week for $2.00, they were free!!! I picked up 10 bottles of sauce for my stockpile, and 5 drink canisters…final cost $5.90 for the 15 items.


Excellent deal! The barbeque sauce is part of Kroger’s 10-item event & Patty kept an eye out for those addtional coupons! Good job!

Do you have a deal you want to share? Email me at couponcrazyinky at!


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