Tidy Cats Coupons

I just read a post over on Money Saving Mom about getting Tidy Cats Coupons mailed to you from Purina every 4 weeks:

If you call 1-800-7-PURINA, they will send you two coupons for $2 off any Tidy Cats Litter. I have been doing this for a couple of years and haven’t had to pay for cat litter during that time. . . . They will let you order two coupons per month. One quick call a month for free litter!

This is so cool! From what I’ve read, you can get the 10-lb bags at a lot of stores for free after using these coupons!!

I just tried to call but I couldn’t reach as their hours are 7a-7p CT. I will call tomorrow!

If you call soon, your coupons might arrive in time to get the free litter and donate it to your local pet shelter. This would be a great Couponing for Community item!


2 thoughts on “Tidy Cats Coupons

  1. I just called and got my coupons. This is the brand that I use – and I’ve been buying the 10 lb. bag at Kroger for $2.75 – so this is great! Thanks Mo!


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