Did you know??

Did you know that stores are reimbursed for the amount of a coupon plus $.08 for processing? You aren’t stealing from the store – they are getting their money back.

Did you know that if it’s illegal to make copies of coupons?

Did you know that if you use a coupon for one product but purchase a different product – the store may not be reimbursed? For example – say you are buying Nivea for Men body wash and you are using a Nivea for Women body wash coupon. The store however, doesn’t carry the Nivea for Women. The store may not be reimbursed for the coupon if they don’t stock the product!

Did you know that it’s illegal to purchase coupons? You can pay someone for their time and effort but you can’t pay someone for the coupons!

Did you know that at most stores, you can stack a STORE coupon and a MANUFACTURER coupon? Target, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Meijer & other stores often have STORE coupons that can be used in conjunction with a Manufacturer coupon. This is a terrific way to get savings on items!!

I’ve written this post to remind people that couponing can be fun AND save lots of money! However, we all need to be responsible couponers!! Let’s do the right thing!

Do you have any “Did you know” items you’d like to share???


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