Couple of Kroger Deals

If you haven’t printed this coupon before, click here to get a $.50 off 1 coupon from Green Giant. The boxes of Green Giant are on sale at Kroger this week for $1. After doubling, they will be free. (You should be able to print this twice.)

Nivea ideaShortcuts has a couple of electronic coupons for $3 off Men’s Body wash &  another for Women’s Body wash. It might be worth checking at the store to see how much these are. I’ve seen on some other blogs that the price is around $3.50-4. Not too bad after the coupon!

Note – you can no longer stack a paper manufacturer coupon and an electronic coupon at Kroger. Keep an eye on what paper & electronic coupons you are using. I have had a couple of instances lately where the computer says that I am using an electronic coupon and I didn’t. I had to go to customer service to get my money for those coupons!


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