Coupons and Deals

Hi all! I had someone contact me earlier asking me about the deals that I post on here. Just wanted to let you know that even though I’m based in Kentucky, the majority of the deals that I post should be good nationwide – provided you have that particular store near you.

All manufacturer coupons that I mention should be valid wherever coupons are accepted.

I started out with my “deal” sharing primarily focused on helping local people, but it has grown beyond that. I hope to soon start sharing deals for more stores so that I might be able to help even more people.

My two main objectives when I started seriously couponing were 1) save money and 2) help others through donations. Once I figured out how much money I was saving and how much I was able to donate, I really wanted to share with others! My hope is that thru the deals I share, you, too, can save money & be able to help those in need by donating items!

Have a bless day!

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