Responsible Couponing!

I just posted an item about a “deal gone wrong” earlier today ( ) – it made me realize that I wanted to share some ideas on “Responsible Couponing.”

1. Know what the coupon is for:

  • is it for a particular item or for any item offered by the manufacturer. Sometime the coupon will show a picture of one item but it’s for ANY item (ex: ANY Crest toothpaste, but only a picture of one item is shown)
  • If the coupon says x-amount off of 1, then you only need to buy one. If it says x-amount off 2, then you need to buy two, etc.

2. Don’t try to use a coupon that specifies a particular item for something else. From what I understand, if the retailer doesn’t carry the item that’s listed on the coupon, they won’t get reimbursed.

3. Don’t copy coupons – it is considered fraud.

4. You may use one manufacturer coupon per item(s) purchased.  You may “stack” (use 2 or more coupons in one transaction) a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon, but the majority of the time you can’t stack two manufacturer coupons.

5. Try to find out the store’s coupon policy. Some stores accept internet printed manufacturer coupons and some don’t. It’s a good idea to print out their policy from their website and keep it with you.

6. You aren’t stealing from a store when you use a coupon. The manufacturer wil reimburse a retailer the value of the coupon plus $.08 for each coupon submitted. They will get their money back.

7. If you are going to print coupons from the internet, make sure that it’s from a reputable site.

  • manufacturer’s sites

8.  Most internet coupons will print twice per computer. You will either have to use your back button and refresh the page or you might have to go through the whole process.  If you need more than 2 coupons, ask a friend to print them for you!

9. Don’t use expired coupons. You can ask individual stores if they accept them, but more often than not, they don’t.

10. Remember that the cashier is a person with feelings and he/she might be having a bad day! I always “warn” the cashier I have lots of coupons – this lets them know up front that I may be there for a while. Also – I always try to thank them for being so helpful!

Leave any comments you can think of about items that I missed!!



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